HELLA Automotive Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Ms. Mirna Mejia
Carretera al Castillo Km. 10,5
C.P.45680 El Salto Jalisco, Mexico


HELLA is a global, independent, family-owned company with approx. 32,000 employees at 100 locations in more than 35 countries. The HELLA Group develops and manufactures lighting and electronic components and systems for the automotive industry. In addition, the group has one of the largest trade organizations for automotive parts, accessories, diagnosis, and services within Europe. With sales of approx. 5.8 billion Euros in fiscal year 2014/2015, the HELLA Group is one of the top 40 automotive suppliers in the world.


Location Guadalajara, Mexico


To plan and define complex work steps and sequences taking into account new and modified production methods and processes; to plan and organize resources based on the needs of Procurement/Production

Project management for process planning (Production) within development projects

Consultancy and technical management of staff based on customer groups, coordinating and assisting multiple projects; act as a contact person to customers to resolve technical issues

Draw up key themes and coordinate tasks for key customers


  • Project management, process planning (Production)
  • To clarify and define technical production requirements using new and modified production methods; analysis of technical production expense
  • Agree and track objectives with the Project Manager in terms of. quality, costs and deadlines in coordination with one's supervisor using existing methods and processes
  • Play a part in integrating internal and, where necessary, external service performances taking into account economic, quality-based and schedule-relevant perspectives with the collaboration with one's supervisor
  • Play a role in/. implementing pre-defined escalation scenarios in the event of deviations from project goals in Process planning; presentation and implementation of existing alternative solutions Ensure that defined technical standards are complied with during Process planning; draw up and implement improvements to methods; examine where new technologies may be used and, where applicable, implement such technologies, in cooperation with centralized Pre-development
  • Planning and defining of work steps, sequences and resources
  • Agreement and definition of requirements with respect to the specifications of the resources specifications in cooperation with the departments concerned, taking into account cost-, quality and schedule goals.
  • Planning new production workflows and resources with the aid of new/modified production methods taking into account ergonomic, processing- and economic research, guidelines and standards; determining production costs in cooperation with the departments involved
  • Preparing proposals for a production-based development of parts describing real potentials for savings; stimulating modifications in design and production
  • Planning complex resources using capacity and utilization plans you will be expected to draw up; defining type, scope and number of resources required in consultation with internal departments (incl. auxiliary/series tools, devices, special machines); organize procurement/ production of required resources
  • Determining the available internal capacities for resource construction and test labs; estimate costs and draw up proposals for internal/external procurement
  • Define and describe production workflows, production capacities and resource data taking into account the planning variables you will be expected to record (workflows, plan times, batch sizes); preparing production plans using existing systems and methods
  • Analyzing risks using Process -FMEA taking into account customer requirements until SOP
  • Plan and coordinate sample creation (incl. parts collection and provision); monitoring parts creation and carrying out release checks; where required, carrying out design changes in consultation with project team
  • Analysis of test sample results based on documentation and test reports taking into account customer requirements and, where applicable, identifying measures that need to be taken

Ongoing refinement, interpretation and implementation of relevant technical information from internal- and external departments (Sales, Customer) until SOP.

  • Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
  • Up to 5 years of Experience
  • English 90% German 70%
  • Basic knowledge of Notes & SAP
  • Disponibility to travel out the country.

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