Senior Concept Design Engineer 90091467

地点 Location Changchun, China

Pacesetting. Passionate. Together. 自 1899 年起,HELLA 作为全球排名前 位的汽车供应商之一,通过创新的照明系统和汽车电子技术树立了行业标杆。此外,公司是零件市场和私营修理车间最重要的合作伙伴之一。我们的动力是塑造面向未来的机动性和培育中心市场趋势,如自动驾驶、能效、电气化、连通性、数字化以及个性化。每天,全世界有超过 39,000 名员工凭借专业知识和创新能力满怀热情地为此而奋斗。

Pacesetting. Passionate. Together. Since 1899, HELLA, one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide, has shaped the industry with innovative lighting systems and vehicle electronics. In addition, the company is one of the most important partners of the aftermarket and independent workshops. What motivates us: Shaping the mobility of tomorrow and fostering the central market trends such as autonomous driving, efficiency and electrification, connectivity and digitization as well as individualization. Every day, 39,000 employees worldwide are committed to this with passion, know-how and innovative strength.



Responsible for the receive and confirmation of product data;


Responsible for the tooling design, and provide the tooling data to the production department within the required time of the tooling progress plan.


Responsible for the auditing of tooling structure and the auditing tasks in the mutual auditing regulations. Ensuring that there are no quality accidents


In the process of processing, if the product data is changed, it should be tracked and the corresponding data of the tooling should be changed.


Implement Hella and HCT internal Standard and be responsible for the implementation and execution of tooling design process.


龄要求/Age requirement 35周岁以下 Below 35 years old

学历要求/Diploma requirement 本科及以上学历 Bachelor degree or above

语言要求/Language requirement 具备熟练的英语听、说、读、写能力, Proficient English ability in listening &Specking and reading& writing.

计算机操作/Computer Skill 熟练掌握UG、PROE、CATIA V5等3D软件Good knowledge in UG 、PROE、or CATIA V5 software.


Familiar with plastic tooling structure and design process, practical experience. Experience in lamp tooling design is prior.

富有发展的机会并开发您的潜能。 一家对您个人职业道路提供最佳发展条件的全球化家族企业。

Take the opportunity to reveal your potential within a global, family-run company that offers you the best possible conditions for progressing in your career.

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