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Pacesetting. Passionate. Together. 自 1899 年起,HELLA 作为全球排名前 位的汽车供应商之一,通过创新的照明系统和汽车电子技术树立了行业标杆。此外,公司是零件市场和私营修理车间最重要的合作伙伴之一。我们的动力是塑造面向未来的机动性和培育中心市场趋势,如自动驾驶、能效、电气化、连通性、数字化以及个性化。每天,全世界有超过 39,000 名员工凭借专业知识和创新能力满怀热情地为此而奋斗。

Pacesetting. Passionate. Together. Since 1899, HELLA, one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide, has shaped the industry with innovative lighting systems and vehicle electronics. In addition, the company is one of the most important partners of the aftermarket and independent workshops. What motivates us: Shaping the mobility of tomorrow and fostering the central market trends such as autonomous driving, efficiency and electrification, connectivity and digitization as well as individualization. Every day, 39,000 employees worldwide are committed to this with passion, know-how and innovative strength.


Provide local competence to build up D&D testing equipment or production testing equipment, including FCT, EOL station, ICT station and Flash station. 负责研发用测试设备或生产线测试设备的开发和制作,设备包括功能测试仪,终端检测仪(EOL),线路板测试仪(ICT),和程序烧录设备(Flash Station).
Experience in software programming in C, C# or C++ language. Capable to do software debugging and troubleshooting of testing equipment.  有软件编程经验,能够从事测试设备的软件调试和故障排除工作。
Base on project requirement, plan a measurement and controlling system. Focus on software application of testing system. Design software codes according the testing instruction to fulfill the equipment requirement. 根据项目要求,设计生产线的测量和控制系统,并根据测试指导书的要求,编制软件实现设备要求的功能。
Communication with project development team and production engineers in regard to test systems. Consult with Hella testing department in Germany。针对测试系统与项目开发团队和生产工程师进行沟通;并且和海拉德国测试部门协商。
Manage and administer the Hella Germany test system standards at the Asian locations according to GE-OT guidelines根据德国总部的要求,在亚洲地区管理和执行海拉测试系统标准;
Validate and obtain approval/sign-off of test equipment in accordance with department or company procedures and ‘best practice’ with documentation covering;按照公司的流程和最佳解决方案,验证并批准测试设备。
Produce and maintain test equipment timing plans to ensure the delivery time of test equipment meet project milestone.制定测试设备开发时间计划, 以确保测试设备的交货时间满足项目的进度。
Conduct acceptance verification test when the test equipment are available in production line. 在生产线验收测试设备,确保测试设备的功能及可靠性
Optimize and improve the performance of test equipment to achieve the goal of cycle time, FPY and down time requirements.优化和提高测试设备性能以达到设备要求的周期时间、合格率和停机时间等指标;
Calibration, measurement system analysis, risk assessment, maintenance schedule, spare parts.
Other job assigned by Department Manager 部门经理安排的其他工作



Bachelor degree or equivalent in software engineering, automatic controlling or measurement academic credentials. 本科及相关学历,软件工程、自动化控制以及测试相关专业;
Fluent in English both in written and reading. 良好的英文读写能力
Software skills, typically C, C#, C++, Lab Windows CVI, to a good standard 熟练运用C, C#, C++, Lab Windows CVI等软件
Understanding automotive industry products, and In-Circuit Test, Functional Test and Flash Station(nice to have) 了解汽车电子产品知识,及ICT测试、功能测试和程序烧录的知识(不做强制要求);
Experience in software programming, or in mechanical fixture adaptor design.有软件编程和测试设备工作经验;
Good team player and good communication skill 良好的团队合作能力及沟通能力

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