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地点 Location Nanjing, China

Pacesetting. Passionate. Together. 自 1899 年起,HELLA 作为全球排名前 位的汽车供应商之一,通过创新的照明系统和汽车电子技术树立了行业标杆。此外,公司是零件市场和私营修理车间最重要的合作伙伴之一。我们的动力是塑造面向未来的机动性和培育中心市场趋势,如自动驾驶、能效、电气化、连通性、数字化以及个性化。每天,全世界有超过 39,000 名员工凭借专业知识和创新能力满怀热情地为此而奋斗。

Pacesetting. Passionate. Together. Since 1899, HELLA, one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide, has shaped the industry with innovative lighting systems and vehicle electronics. In addition, the company is one of the most important partners of the aftermarket and independent workshops. What motivates us: Shaping the mobility of tomorrow and fostering the central market trends such as autonomous driving, efficiency and electrification, connectivity and digitization as well as individualization. Every day, 39,000 employees worldwide are committed to this with passion, know-how and innovative strength.


  • 1.Give APQP quotation according to RFQ, preparing related quality planning documents.

  • 依据RFQ 提供APQP 报价,准备相关的质量策划文件。

  • 2.Draw up and arranging for the necessary corrective measures in the event of quality related deviations in cooperation with project team and monitor the implementation.

  • 协助项目组制定关于产品开发过程中质量问题的纠正措施,并监控措施的实施。

  • 3.Identify and escalate (if necessary) relevant quality problems which cannot be solved by project team.

  • 识别并且升级项目组层级解决不了的质量问题。

  • 4.Support development team to define test plans and get the customer approval of the DV and PV testing, follow up the testing till its approval (concerning MD and HW).

  • 支持项目团队制定DV 和PV 测试计划(针对机械和硬件)并得到顾客认可,跟进测试直至达到既定标准。

  • 5.Coordinating and submit PPAP (or PSW, ISIR) to the customer for approval, carry out device release on the basis quality plans and proofs (test reports).

  • 协调并提交PPAP 文件给客户并取得认可,基于质量目标和证据实行产品释放。

  • 6.Preparing and supporting project reviews and project audits from quality side, monitoring the resulting measures.

  • 从质量的角度准备和支持项目团队进行项目考察与审核,监控结果和跟进措施。

  • 7.Handle and manage complaints before SOP and working out corrective actions in cooperation with the responsibility.

  • 处理SOP 之前的客户抱怨,并和相关责任人一起制定纠正措施。

  • 8.Prepare list of Special Characteristics with designer, create and review Control Plan together and quality assurance for production.

  • 与设计一起制定特殊特性清单,与产线的品保一起制定控制计划。









  • 1.Bachelor degree or above

  • 本科或本科以上学历

  • 2.Electronics and related major

  • 电子等相关专业

  • 3.Good English Skills

  • 熟练的英语听、说、读、写能力

  • 4.Have 3 or more years’ experience in vehicle electronics

  • 3 年以上汽车电子相关工作经验

  • 5.Have know-how about the validation specification and testing details for vehicle electronics.

  • 了解汽车电子电器产品开发验证的测试标准及测试细节(e.g. ISO16750, ISO7637, ISO11452, CISPR 25) 。

  • 6.Have know-how about TS16949, APQP, PPAP, MSA, SPC, FMEA, 8D and other quality tools

  • 了解TS16949, APQP, PPAP, MSA, SPC, FMEA, 8D 及其他质量工具

  • 7.Mandatory: Microsoft (Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, OneNote), Better to have: SAP PDM, MKS / PTC

  • 8.Familiar with Control Plan.

  • 熟悉控制计划。

  • 9.Have know-how about PCBA process and related tests

  • 了解PCBA生产工艺及相关测试

  • 10.Good communication skills and an excellent team-worker

  • 良好的沟通协调能力以及团队合作

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